Thursday, March 29, 2007

Betcha Can't Eat Just One

I love how I can relate anything to snacks.

MJones: It's like I've been put on a shelf. Like a bag of chips that was opened and tried and tasted good, but since no one wants to eat a whole bag of chips at once, I got put on the shelf.
dm: well u shut ur bag
dm: u know- of chips
dm: or whatever
MJones: I'm trying
MJones: but the chips you see, the sort of like the dip
MJones: well they did, until it went rotten
dm: ur gonna go stale
dm: meaning that ur the open bag of chips
MJones: yea, i understand, but you can't just reseal a bag of chips
MJones: you have to eat them all until you feel bad about it
dm: oh sure u can...they make those now
MJones: OH HELL YEA! Im cashing in my bag for a container. I'm upgrading to Pringles!
dm: hahahaha
dm: and pringles dont break into pieces
MJones: and they dont taste good with dip
dm: NICE
dm: yeah they have their own flavor
MJones: they are a stand alone snack and dont need condiments to get by
MJones: BUT
MJones: if they so choose, they aren't half bad with say, some sour cream and onion flavoring
dm: exactly
MJones: ps this is so going on the blog
dm: obviously
MJones: is it bad that i want chips now?

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