Thursday, April 12, 2007

Miss me?

I hope so. I've have been busy thoroughly enjoying the plastic easter egg filled with three cherry chapsticks the Easter Bunny left me. Even he knows about my quest to find the absolute best chapstick ever.

Pardon my absence. It has been due to some drunken evenings (which included the end of an era, like really, no more Waterloo, really, even when I'm really bored, never again, it's closed), family obligations (Do you think babies know it's Easter? My answer is: no. If they did they wouldn't cry during a delicious meal when everyone is trying enjoy some ham), potential life changes (leaving this one alone), laziness (I love to sit and watch tv all day), reformed gym going (yes, I saw Laverne, she says hello), reformed laziness (I only have a week's worth of work out clothes), and again, more drunkeness.

I promise I will be back soon with some quality posts. Maybe. No, really, I promise. Maybe. No, I swear this time.

PS Does anyone else love the way they whisper Sanjya's name on The Soup every weekend. I love you, Joe McHale.

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