Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring has sprung

Ah, the end of March means the beginning of spring. Sure, right. The only spring I've seen lately is the street. Besides today's little pocket of wonderful weather, This rain, hail, snow crap really is annoying. And the world seems to be having bizarro weather. Another earthquake in Asia? Really, now. Was that necessary? Haven't they had enough? I swear Mother Nature is PMSing.

I love the spring. It means that I can wear my cute jackets and skirts again. So I am officially on strike from Mother Nature. From now on, I am going to pretend like everyday is lovely spring day. I will wear skirts in the rain and snow. Opened toe shoes in 30 degrees? I'm on it. My pastels are out and ready to go. Bring it on beotch.

The other reason I love spring? It's the end of night life hibernatation. I've left my neighborhood maybe 10 times to go out all winter. I haven't seen many people outside of the Hell's Kitchen social circle so I am assuming no one else has left their areas either. Ok, once the weather gets warmer we should all have a big celebration. We can all crawl out of our caves and start socializing like normal people and hang out in hoods other than our own. I hear the East Village is quite nice this time of year. Wow, the East side, how I've missed you. Now if I could only afford the cab fare....

Spring also means the heat in the building will be shut off soon. I won't have to come home with my 18 layers on anymore to only be greeted by equator-like heat or sleep with my window open and find that my wet hair has frozen to the pillow.

Take care and I'll be seeing you when Mother Nature sucks it up and takes some Midol.