Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A History Lesson: As taught by HBO and Showtime

Like most of NYC, I had to take a sick day because I woke up feeling like crap on stick. The constant coughing and blowing my nose didn't allow me to get much rest so I decided to use my HBO and Showtime OnDemand channels to waste some time (only after I watched my one of my FAVE episode of Dawson's Creek...the one with the Senior prank..."It's a karma thing!").

First up, catching up on some episodes of Rome. What girl wouldn't want to spend some time on the couch watching the sexy bald brute Titus Pullo kick some ass (or bite, or stab or whip, he's so effing hot!)? Or Atia put all uber-bitches to shame? I implore you all, watch this show...I'll give you another reason in a moment.

Pullo: So hot right now.


Next, on to the first two episodes of The Tudors on Showtime starring sexy/ugly (still can't quite figure it out, sometimes he's just plain gross other times I wouldn't mind some sexy time) man Jonathan Rhys Myers as Henry VIII. Yes, the fat guy who had 6 wives and liked turkey legs. I guess he was sexy/ugly when he was young, and that's where the show starts.


So what historical lesson did I take away from these programs? What great insight to I have into the past? What is the one thing I can take away from our great leaders and figure heads of the past?

They all had sex. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT! Literally, boobs on screen every few minutes. Octavian was into S&M, Henry VIII liked taking girls from the back, Cleopatra and Mark Antony could do it standing up after beating the crap out of each other. Literally, I saw more sets of boobs today than I think I ever will again. So yea, that's what I learned. Sex was important. And doing it with a King, Counsel, or hired muscle looks freaking awesome.

Unless it's like this. This is just gross. And what's on her face? You know what, I don't even want to know.

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Anaps said...

I met him on 58th street...ok so we didnt meet but we totally made eye contact and he is HOT!