Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recap City

So last weekend I went back to the good ol days of college by taking a hike back down to Baltimore for tha annual Bull And Oyster Roast.

As I fled from work on Friday to catch the 5:39 Amtrak from Penn I started getting really excited to see my friends (who I haven't seen for the better part of a year). Of course, that led to my train being delayed.

When I finally arrived I got psyched got dressed and the gals and I headed to Mother's for a night that was really fun but uneventful. The only thing that stands out my mind was me bitching out some ugly guy for yelling at me and Kar for dancing to Kelly Clarkson. Suck on this Idol hater.

Saturday was a fun-filled day of jewelry shopping and on-campus drive-bys (which is soooooooooooo depressing when you realize you haven't gone to the school for 3 years). We went to Strapazza for dinner which was phenomenal, even if I did have to limit my garlic bread intake.

We decided to skip the actual on-campus event because, well, everyone else did. Enter: Margaritas and vodka. Seriously, I have issues mixing. I had beers, a Margarita and kept switching up my vodkas. I was doomed. Which is why I'm not surprised that I have a big bruise on my left butt cheek, a cut on my knee, and still can't straighten my foot all the way. Oh, and I have a boot missing a heel. Like a full heel. And I don't have it. Boots I just got fixed. Boots that now have to be thrown out.

All of those signs point to: I probably had the best night of my life, but I will never remember it. Just my luck!

I have some suggestions for a new title for this Loyola Alum weekend, Bull and Oyster Roast just doeasn't do it justice.

"Look at How fat she Got" Roast
"He still really looks good" Roast
"I can't believe I ever hooked up with him" Roast
"I still really like him" Roast
"Let's act like we're 18 again" Roast

And my favorite:

"Don't pretend you were ever my friend" Roast

So vodka and I are legally seperated but I still wear my ring, so don't worry, there' s still a chance we could reconcile. It just won't be this weekend. I have a date with beer.

Until next year B'more. Here's staying crabby for ya.

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