Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mr. Brightside

So if any of you actually DO read my blog regularly (and thanks if you do, much appreciated for anyone who reads), you will know that last weekend I cam down with a caseof the ex-er-well nonboyfriend. So, as much as I ignored him and openly flirted with a gay companion to make him jealous (which probably did since he has NO gaydar) apprently I am officially a succubus.

He called. Again. After seeing me and not saying hi he called. And he wasn't drunk. He wasn't at a bar, he wasn't slurring. Some how the idea that he should call me popped up in his stone cold sober mind. Honestly, not meaning to offend anyone here, but is he retarded or something? Like, I don't like you. I never really did when you think about it, I liked your best friend, and I stopped accepting your phone calls in OCTOBER. I am so temtped to tell him to forget he ever met me, but I don't want to be harsh. Thank God he moved out of my neighborhood. I wonder what might have happened if he still lived aropund the corner. (Pause as I internally shiver and feel my bones get cold.)

Oh so the best part...the message. Saying hi and that he's been out of town like in case I needed to reach him or something. (Which I'll admit, made me wonder if I had at some point called him drunk when I got home, but then a flash of the roommate telling me not to flips into my head) Is he saying he's been out of town so i think I saw his evil twin last weekend? And does anyone not take their phone with them out of town? Told you, this kid's a genious.

So he's really annoying. IF he calls again I just might answer, and yell. But I would rather ignore, just in case I ever want to go back to that bar again.

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