Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Any of you out there who actually read this? Probably not, but I wanted to celebrate my blog's one year anniversary by reminiscing about some things (including the good, the bad, and the just plain ol' ugly) that have happened since March 1, 2005 a la Helen Fielding.

March 2005

Spent my spring break interning here in Manhattan. Was a little annoyed I couldn't just party all week, I did score some cool stuff at the beauty giveaway (that means stuff to make me pretty for free, always a plus!)

Met a cute doctor. Spoke to him once on the phone to no avail. Kind like a reaaly hot dork. He worked 60 hours a week. I always wondered what happened to him.

Was home by midnight on St. Patrick's day. Was pissed (both drunk and angry).

April 2005

My sister's wedding shower. It was lovely. I wished it was me getting married. Now I just kind of wish I could go to a wedding as a guest...just once.

Did some crazy blitz reporting for a school assignment. Hung around chenthusiatic artistic drama children for a whole weekend. Led me to be dilligent in remembering my birth control.

Partied at Mercury Bar on a rediculously warm day for April. Ended up reconnecting with an old flame by accident.

May 2005

Finished semester 2 of grad school and my internship. Spent the month of May doing pretty much nothing. Like really, nothing. It was fantastic.

Fleet Week: the only relatively decent sailor I saw was Canadian. And he was making out with an ugly girl. And I had just enough beers to tell him so.

June 2005

Spent the entire much in preparation for the London trip. Arrived at Heathrow with 2 huge suitcases and a duffle. I don't know how to use a luggage cart and the airport wasn't air conditioned. Needless to say, when I arrived at my destination (which would not have happened without the help of some really nice British strangers) I did not look my best for the cute guy with dreds who showed me to my room.

July 2005

Probably the most eventful month of my year. Lived through the terrorist attcks on London, although both were quite nearby. Leanred to drink Strongbow like a champ again. Made out with a younger man. Made out with an older man. Made out with an ugly man. Learned to sleep without air conditioning. Partied with old friends and partied with new. Learned to let go, even if it was just a ittle, of my my past. Learned when to quit even if you don't want to. Learned that it is ALWAYS necessary to pee afterwards.

August 2005

Came home to run on interviews for internships. Was offered a job but then it was rescinded while I waited to hear back from somewhere else. Had to apply for more internships. Finally landed one that gave me the opportunity to write!

My sister got married. Awesome party and beautiful celebration. The next day, (which reached 103 degrees with like 100 percent humidity) was officially asked to be maid of honor in my best friend's wedding. Partied away the rest of the month preparing for the final semester of grad school.

Lerned that there is no equivalent to TopShop in the US of A.

September 2005

Met Mr. Brightside a week after I started school. Really liked him at first. Played normal dating rituals out by week 2.

Started at the internship and slowly realized it was going to be an easy semester.

October 2005

Had a dreadful birthday party. Got a phone call that took me by surprise and made my year. Cut Mr. Brightside loose by refusing to return his calls. Felt sad about it but declared it his fault for being lazy in several arenas.

Attended best Halloween party ever in an overtly slutty costume. Relished every minute of every guy staring at my boobs (which looks great in gold).

November 2005

Very Uneventful. EXCEPT for the fact that I met the cutest guy I could hold a conversation with since the doctor. I totally thought something was there but I wasn't sure if he was just being nice because he's a nice guy. Found out he lived in Manhattan. Then had to leave conversation for uncontrollable circumstances. Haven't seen him since....would LOVE to see him again.

December 2005

Finished Grad school! After 1. 5 years of hard and really annoying work, I finished my last semester with a 3.8 and tons of published articles. Finally felt like I was really going somewhere. Contacted editor I was previosuly put in touch with who then forwarded my resume to a colleague who then gave me the scariest interview of my life and then hired me, just a few days after I finished classes.

Celebrated the Holidays with my family and had a terrible New Years Eve but was loving life because I was officially employed.

January 2006

Got into my groove at work and met a lot fo really great people. Enjoyed Martin Luther King Day shopping downtown. Went to the opening of a bar and then Back to balltimore the next weekend for my college reunion (see post on this). Nothing too exciting happened, which makes sense since I worked my butt off.

February 2006

REALLY FUN MONTH! Ran into Mr. Brightside to a really frustrating outcome. He acted like a child in response to my childish blowoff but he was really pushing it. Almost lost my cool but pretended to flirt with someone to make him jealous. It worked. Victory went to me. I won the bar.

College friends came to visit. Met the 21-year-old McSteamy. He became my toy. Too bad he lied and had told me was 24. Made myself official Mrs. Robinson and all the spoils that go with it, including relentless teasing by anyone who heard the story.

Also had a fab party attended by mostly everyone who really matters to me. A few friends couldn't make it but after my early evening soiree, I headed out and ran into college friends. Made the night that much better.

March 2006

Ahh, only a few days in and not much to report, but hey, the weekend is just starting. Stay tuned for another year with me and my crazy antics and crazy friends. You never know where I'll end up or who I'll end up with (hint hint I do like to stalk famous people, Watch out T.R. Knight).

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