Thursday, February 09, 2006

I know what you did last weekend

This weekend was so WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, I get in to modd to go out, I'm exhausted, no nap, but I'm amped after watched the results of Dancing With the Stars...screw you Tia. So I drink a bottle of Chardonnay by myself. What I can say? It was good wine! I start feeling a little tipsy and sexy because I am totally wearing s shirt that didn't quite fit when I bought it and I know it's an attention grabbing shirt in a flirty not completely slutty way.

I finally get the call to leave the house and I rock out on my iPod for 7 blocks and sit down to a a table with pitchers of beer. Cheap beer. Awesome. After a lot of catch up and girl talk and beer I'm feeling phenomenal. Like probably how Vince Vaughn feels everyday. And then I spot someone I prayed I wouldn't see.

So what if he hung out at the bar all the time, so what if that is where we met and hung out all the time. He wasn't my boyfrined, it wasn't a divorce, i shouldn't have to feel like I can't go there. I was the one who ended it, in the fashion of a timid high schooler yes, but I ended it, so why are his friends staring and looking and talking? Because he's as immature as I am, because I won't talk to him (which I would have if he would have done something when we were together). Because I have to take cover when heading to the ladies or going to smoke outside. Because as he gets in a cab at 2:30 and stares at me, just letting me know what he thinks about the girl with the flirty fitted shirt. I should have given him the finger to let him know what I think about his attitude. And then you have obnoxious peole syaing things like "Well he wasn't THAT cute." WTF does that mean. Is it supposeed to make me feel good that you think I dated an unnattractive guy? Well take a look in the mirror because you haven't been bringing any prizes.

DAMN! And now I'm left wondering if I made a mistake, because he didn't do anything to hurt me (and he never would) and he was a nice guy. But that was just it . He wouldn't do anything. And that was fine but then I realized that that was who he was. A guy who did nothing. But not in a cute Office Space way. In like a scary "do you have future?" way. People just make me mad. I didn't like you that much, so deal.

I didn't even want to stay at that place once he came in. But I shoudn't have too. SO we played a game of Survivor and I out played, outwitted and outlasted his ass. Seriously, don't play games with me because I hate to lose.

So after the debacle of the evening and an unfortunate closing of a placl establishment that led to darts not being played, I went home and to bed. Which was good, because nothing can get rid of a bad night like some sleep.

On Saturday I was so fed up with, people, my dirty apartment, my life, I headed home to my mom. (yea I know, I'm a big baby). Lucky for me I came home for a reallys pecial occasion. My sister got engaged to a great guy who I welcome with open arms into my family. He really is the best thing that has ever happened to her and I've never seen her this happy! I'm so excited to be involved in her big day! No date yet, they are going to enjoy for a little while and go on vacay (which I wish I could go on!).

Sunday, I came back to the dirty apartment with intentions of cleaning, but since I am not a maid, I wanted to wait for the roomies to come home. Then I fell alseep having crazy dreams about donuts, root beer floats and being sick with a 103 degree fever. Weird. Then watched commercial for 4 hours and Grey's Anatomy which is by far my favorite show on TV.

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