Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why is it...

that every time I walk into the living room when London or TD is watching 24 I always see a random actor?

Ok, ok I know. I should watch the show. The fact of the matter is, I already watch too much TV and if I try to catch up on five seasons and add something else into the mix I'm going to be plastered to my couch forever. But really, the show has piqued my interest lately with its crazy mix of random actors whose names I don't know including Audrey from Vegas Vacation, Montgomery McNeil from Fame/Dr. Romano from ER, Gabriel Demas (ok, I know his name is Eric Balfour) from Six Feet Under, Cyril O'Reilly from Oz, and the guy with the strange accent from Ghostbusters 2/Ally McBeal.

Perhaps I will have some catching up to do this summer. But only after I celebrate what I am now dubbing DAWSON'S CREEKENDS! I have decided that over every weekend for the next few months I will watch every episode of Dawson's Creek, from start to finish. Seriously. Every. last. one. This means 128 episodes including the 2-hour finale.

In order to complete my DAWSONS CREEKENDS! I will need to obtain Seasons 5 & 6 on DVD. Donations will be accepted. Anyone interested in participating can contact me at Or if you are one of those special people who actually know me, just pick up the phone and call.

Yes, I have no life.

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