Monday, January 08, 2007

I might as well join the team...

I was thinking today about my beloved Mets. And how much my life is like a reflection of them. I guess it's a curse. Let me explain:

1. Consider my family. Sure my mom is one of the oldest, but she's also one of the best so she's like Glavine. Then you have the superstars who may be complete opposites but man do they play well together, so I guess my sisters are like Wright and Reyes. Then you have the newest addition who shows a lot of promise but has a lot to learn about the game, and while she may not have braids, in a way, my baby niece is like Lastings Milledge. My dad, well, he's a he doesn't really work in this analogy. Then you have me...the real superstar, who is there for the team, who likes attention, and who really wishes they would have swung at that last pitch in the NLCS...just like Carlos Beltran, except I don't switch hit.

2. My life...sure, for awhile things looked good for everyone in New York but me...with a few blips if greatness here or there. But finally, finally, things look like they just might come together.

3. When I was little and I did something good, I would get an apple. It didn't come out of a top hat but you get the drift.

4. Sometimes it seems like everyone around me is rooting for someone else.

5. I have been home to some really good looking (D. Wright!) and fugly (Jeromy Burnitz anyone?) players.

6. With my new workout regime I plan on implementing soon, I, too, will have a new stadium (OK that was a reach...)

So anyway, with that, I renew my commitment to the NYM for the 2007 season. See you at Shea kids!

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