Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Year...

Sorry I've been so absent folks. Any of you who actually know me know that there has been a lot going on lately. But like they say excuses are like here goes.

In 2007, I've decided to work on a few things. Here's a briefing:

1. Go back to the gym. After a long hiatus I've realized that I have to get my ass back in the gym. Literally, my ass needs to go before it gets any bigger. Besides I bet Laverne misses me.

2. Get more organized. Still working on getting my ducks in a row but so far so good!

3. Get a new bed. Yes, my bed is still broken and on the floor. But without some help, it's staying that way. And yes, it's still a twin. But considering I'm the only one who sleeps in it, no one sees this a rush situation.

4. Watch less tv and take advantage of my surroundings more. Who are we kidding? I should cross this off right now.

5. Go on vacation. A real one. That requires at least taking 3-4 days off of work.

6. Upgrade. Meaning: new bed, new digitial camera, new wardrobe.

7. Number 7 is the step before number 6 and 5, but hey, I have credit cards so we won't hold our breath for this one. Get a promotion/raise and or better job that will pay me enough to have a normal life. I got a raise in September. I didn't talk about it because I JUST realized this recently while looking at some pay stubs. That's how huge it was. Awesome.

8. Have more fun. I want to do more fun things that I never thought I would do. Like bungee jumping or sky diving. But again, that requires number 7 to happen.

9. Drink less. This one isn't the most fun, but it will lead to less embarassment and injury to myself and others.

10. Stop making stupid lists on my blog when I have nothing else to write about.

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