Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Sunday at 10 pm, Do you know where your Ms. Jones is? Now you will.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love Grey's Anatomy. Like, I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. You will never need a GPS tracker to know where I am on a Sunday evening. I'm in bed, watching Meredith exchange semi-witty repartee with McDreamy, Christina act overly competitive and abrasive and George's bumbling endearing sweetness. It's just what I do.

Every. Sunday (even sometimes during repeats). The same you used to be able to find me glued to my couch on Wednesday nights at 8 pm (besides that one miserable semester of Senior year of college when I had a must attend class and the night of formal) tuned into the wonderful world of Capeside (and later Boston) Mass. where my friends Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jen and Jack would be waiting to get into some adolescent inspired scenario where they would use overly big words to explain what was going on. Which in most cases was something having to do with sex. I think. Like I said, they used unnecessarily large words, I may have misinterpreted some sort of innuendo along the way.

The Creek was my favorite show. Still is. I practice Dawsonism. Something goes wrong, I turn to my DVD's and find my answer. Romance troubles? Ask Joey - she's had 'em all. Feeling rejected? Call Dawson- He's been rejected by chicks and Hollywood dicks. Feeling like a screw up? Chat with Pacey - He's got it worse. Need a witty come back? Ask Jen - She always held her own in a discussion turned argument. Questioning you sexuality? Talk to Jack- He's so been there already. And if you are feeling like you may have a mental break you can try to get in touch with Andie but after season 4 she might be hard to find.

The Creek is there. It's like your friend who gives you her hair elastic when you need to boot after too much drinking. It's also the friend that buys you the drink when you are ready to rally. It was one of a kind, never to be replaced. It shocked and awed you. Loyal fans could start to feel where the show was going before it even came close. Like me. I soooooo knew that Deputy Doug was going to end up gay. And that Dawson would get his own show. Didn’t see Jen dying though. Didn’t see that coming at all.

Apparently I am like that with Grey's now too. Anyone who watched last nights show saw that Izzie pointed out what I pointed out long before new curvy doctor showed up to woo George. One girls George is another’s McDreamy. Or maybe the writer’s read my blog and stole the whole idea. Of course they didn’t. But I am now so in tune with Grey’s that I can pick up on major themes long before they are beamed into my boudoir on Sundays. So as my problems, my ego and my body mature I can look to a different show for answers. I can ask McDreamy about why certain people won’t “pick me.” I can talk to Meredith about my parental issues and to Christina about my rampant fear of commitment. Izzie can school me on how to look hot without really trying. And George, well, I have a crush on him, so if this were real life I probably wouldn’t talk to him at all and just pray that he started to talk to me (but it’s not real life, I know that!)

But if it was real life, in all likelihood we would end up just friends. In that case I would just taunt him relentlessly about getting the syph.

So I guess I have a new favorite show. One I can grow with. One I can instinctually love and nuture. One that loves me back. One that let's me laugh and cry. One that has grownups on it.

One that probably won't get cancelled any time soon (RIP Four Kings).

And although nothing will ever take the place of The Creek, Grey's is a new relationship I am ready to forge with a tv show (especially now that my dear Katie Holmes has forsaken all of her Creek roots). Kind of like a second marriage. And to my Grey's...I say "I do."

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