Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy WeddingDay Eve!

Sorry I've been absent....

Sister #2 is getting married tomorrow. Maid of Honor duties have called me away but trust me I have many a funny things to report. Like the team of women who ransacked a bag full of panty hose on the subway that someone had left behind (and then exclaimed to me "Don't be frightened, that's just what we black folk do!" Another one of the women responded with "Aw Shit, look at her, She's sitting there thinking 'Damn, I wish I had taken a pair too.")

So While I do need plenty of rest tonight, not only for the wedding, but for the endless gauntlet of aunts and cousins excaliming to me "You're next!" and then asking questions about my love life (I'm the one who went to journalism school, right?). God, I already need a vodka soda.

But in my absence, I will leave you with this. Dry Humping. Back in style ('cause I received no memo)? Or still reserved for 9th graders? Discuss.

If I could I would banish this act. Not enjoyable.

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