Friday, November 10, 2006


Shoutout time....Congrats to London for finishing the NY marathon last weekend. Really, she ran a marathon. Her running skills and determination have proven 1. that she rocks and 2. that I am a lazy bastard.

Think about it, it's Friday and I'm just posting this now. I've beena t work for 1.5 hours and I haven't gotten up from my chair yet. I haven't seen my gym (or my dear friend Laverne since April. I haven't fixed my broken bed yet (which trusts me, really sucks, I think I may have a concussion...but that's another story). But, this post isn't about me....

So here's to you London, your gigiantic ponytail, your philanthropic fundraising and your marathoning ways!!!!!

I'm even to lazy to take a picture on time....

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