Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crap Fest 2006

This week sucks. For everyone I know (with the exception of Gotittogether who is sporting her new rock and is on vacation) and everyone I read. And as I wrote that I just took a sip of cold coffee that was once hot and now tastes like crap...hence the title CRAP FEST 2006!

Since I have been working way too late and am on the verge of burn out I will redirect you to some of my favorite bloggers who are also celebrating CRAP FEST 2006:

I don't think they work for the same company as me, but seriously what is with the workload this week. It's like all of the big boss men decided to get together to crush the spirits of twenty-somethings who just want to get ahead and get a raise this week.

Damn the man. Damn him to hell.

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