Sunday, August 06, 2006

The .50 cents was for the compliment

Today was much less hot than it has been in the past few weeks, but it was still a scorcher on the asphalt and cement pavement along Fifth Avenue. It didn't help that a bajillion tourists kept knocking into me as I tried to make my way to what I call "the good H&M."

I started sweating, and after the Lohan incident about a week ago I decided to buy a bottle of water to hydrate myself as I burned calories and hole in my wallet. No delis or bodegas in sight (of course not, it's Fifth Ave). So I hiked to a hot dog vendor and asked for a Poland Spring.

I figured it would be a dollar so I was prepared with my folded up single in my sweaty palm. As we made our exchange Mr. Weiner Seller barked at me for another 50 cents.

The risked of Lyndseying out again was to great, so I started to dig for two quarters so I wouldn't have to break a twenty. I pushed my sunglasses up on my forehead to get a better look and eventually found my needed currency. As I handed them over (a little peeved) Mr. Weiner Vendor said, "You have beautiful eyes."


(and no this is not me in the shot, I would never be caught dead with a large white clip and a half french twist)

And it made my day. So yea, compliments are worth paying for. I may have to hire someone in the near future (because this week, all the Bends were out of control).

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