Monday, June 26, 2006

Requiem for a Hotlantic City Weekend.

Do you remember how Sesame Street used to put together montages to help kids learn numbers? And sometimes they would have this pastry chef with a bunch of cakes or pies (usually the number of pies was equivalent to the number that was sponsoring the show that day)? I used to laugh at that guy. I laugh no more.

This weekend I sojourned to AC for BFF's Bachelorette Party. As the Maid of Honor, I had to run the show, which I decided to keep fairly classy. Well, sort of, this is ME we're talking about.

To prepare, about a mnth ago I went to Ricky's, an NYC institution known for selling hair care products and becoming Halloween headquarters. This past year, Jonsey bought her costume there.

And yes, I looked damn good. So needless to say, when it came to chessy penis decorations for a bachelorette party I knew where to go.

Cut to Jonesy, in her cute corporate attire wandering behind a beaded curtain. Besides being bombarded by a selction of crazy vibrators galore I found was I was looking for, (penis straws) and more!

I purchased a cake topper, that like a peanuts can with a springy snake, held a spring fake weiner which popped out of the cake. I became obsessed with bringing a cake to the damn party.

One cake carrier, hearts shaped pan and some sprinkles later, I had created my masterpiece. BFF loved it and although no one ate it right away (I made it my big "reveal" moment after dinner, from which everyone was way to stuffed to eat anymore) all thought it was cute.

I knew it was delicious, after all, I made it with love, hence making it white girl soul food. SO I returned it to it's carrier and decided to take it home. Seemed easy enough. Until I decided to hold the carrier by the top. WHICH IT SAYS YOU CAN DO.

Hungover...check. 4 hours sleep...check. Still in shirt from night before...check. Cake flying uncontrollable from hand in the middle of an Atlantic City casino , penis candles flying everywhere, while I almost cried and people just stared at me and laughed...check, check, check, check and check.

Yes, it was eventually funny, and we had a great time and BFF was very appy with the night overall, BUT really, I'm still pissed about this effing cake.

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Every drop you take, every cake you make, I'll be missing you....
My penis cake
Beloved Party Accessory
6.23.06 - 6.25.06

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