Thursday, April 28, 2005


Even though most you will have no interest in my dreams (not in the abstract sense, I mean the kind you have when you go to sleep) I had one I thought I would share.

Now I've had dreams where I have been a bride before, but usually I wake up before I make it down the aisle or I can't see the grooms face.

But about two days ago I actually went to my own wedding. In my dream of course but nevertheless it was AWESOME. It wasn't a nightmare. I didn't wake up in a cold sweat. This is breakthrough for me, the committmentphobic with a fear of intimacy. So maybe I'll get hitched sometime after all.

I won't share who the groom was, but it wasn't a celebrity (Shocker huh?). It was someone from my past and it was weird because while I was dreaming I was full on in love with him. And I'm not during my awake time. Interesting eh?

It was cool, because the groom was a really nice guy, so I'm glad that my subconscious has good taste in men. But anyway, it was a great wedding and I had the dress on that I picked out last year in April issue of Lucky. It's just like the Monique Lhuiller below (sans gloves and super skinny blonde model).

The wedding cake, now this is the cool part, was a birthday cake. Not the kind you can buy at a store. It was something like a Colette's cake ( It had multiple sections and cake ballons, cake presents and bows made out of fondant. It was AWESOME!

I've always wanted to be an October bride, and in my dream, my wedding was on my brithday, October 16th. EVEN MORE AWESOME! MUCHOS GRACIAS POR LOS REGALOS!

Considering I am pooked as a bridesmaid until the end of the decade it doesn't surprise me that I had my first full length wedding dream. Let's just hope I really get to have one someday. Some day far far far far far far far far far far far far away.

So now my real wedding has to be better than my awesome dream wedding. But I can't get ahead of myself. I still haven't found a crush, let alone a PB or PH or a PRH (even better). Or maybe I'll just get drunk and dial the groom in my dream...maybe he's available. Muah ha ha ha. Just kidding. Or am I?

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