Saturday, April 02, 2005

The end of an era

So the cutest old man ever died today. I'm kind of sad because I really liked the pope. He seemed like a cool guy. He came to Yonkers once and I didn't go. Then Central Park and I passed again. I was just a teenager then and I didn't realize the impact that one man could have on so many people. Now I regret never seeing him say mass.

I'm not the most religous person and I do have my issues with church doctrine. But I do consider myself Catholic in a raw form. I believe in the basics, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and Mary.

I've known the pope was going to die for a while now but it still makes me sad. It's hard to find an example of pure virtue in this world. I just hope the next pope exudes the same kind of holy aura.

So I'm going to say a little prayer today, not for the pope because I know he's ok and no longer suffering, but for the next guy, that he can brave through the storm that comes with the job. And for everyone in mourning, that we may be comforted knowing that John Paul II is now in hands of God.

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