Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Open Letter to the girlfriend of Perry on Make Me a Supermodel

Whoever you are:

ARE YOU A MORON? You suck so bad. Even if he was cheating on you (which he's perfect so I don't think he ever wuld do that), you suck it up and deal like Nora Walker (as portrayed by the magnificent Sally Field) on Brothers & Sisters. Ignore it. Let it go. Because you will never get a man as good looking and full of awesome as you have right now.

Brother is so effing hot I would literally lick him on the face if I saw him in person. I would suck on his broken foot and I hate feet.

So seriously girl, get over yourself and tell the man what he wants to hear without being a menstrual beyotch. And make him a tape for Valentine's Day/YOUR ANNIVERSARY.

That is all.


PS Why is the world full of such shitty girlfriends when fabulous ones like me are left on the bench?

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