Monday, February 18, 2008

For real?

So Perez is saying that Steve Guttenberg is going to be on Dancing With the Farts this season...REALLY?

Part of me is so excited that I want to pee myself and the other half of me is like, WTF?

I always had a thing for Mahoney from Police Academy and Lobo from Don't Tell Her It's Me (I only know of one other person who knows of this film...if you do, you are awesome).

But this man has been in no where for the last like 10-15 years. Why make this your big comeback?

Also, Adam Corrolla may be on as well. Why do I picture him "accidentally" taking of his partner's dress exposing her boobs while Dr. Drew winces and Jimmy Kimmel cheers.

Who else are the gonna drag up to do this show? Here are a list of people I would LOVE to appear on Dancing with the Farts:

1. Manute Bol
2. Roger Clemens (with weekly testing for HGH)
3. The kids from Yo Gabba Gabba (especially Seth)
4. Rhea Perlman
5. Lark Voorhies (Where is she?)
6. Bobby Brown (his gyrating would make for some colorful remarks from Bruno)
7. Eric Stoltz in costume as Rocky Dennis
8. Ice-T's wife Coco
9. Stephen Baldwin (I can't get enough of this guy)
10. Daniel Baldwin (put these boys on the same would be a train wreck!)
11. Pau Ruebens
12. Mystery

Any other suggestions of random folk they should get to make ASSES of themselves?


J-Money said...

I fully expect Steve Guttenberg Bible to perform with very special guest Number 5.

Also, Mayim Bialik, please come out of hiding.

Oh! And Danica McKellar! And Rue McClanahan!

I could play this game all day. Thank you.

Mjones said...

Mayim had guest spots on Kirstie Alley's Fat Actress show...and it was HILARIOUS! She plays herself...enough said!

Danica McKellar guested on How I Met Your Mother...TWICE!

Rue McClanahan...I feel like she would injure herself. Also, I heard she's quite the drinker. Here's a fun game, try saying her name three times fast while drunk.