Sunday, September 30, 2007

No more basebal anxiety this year...

I've found a direct corrolation between the teams I root for and the men I choose to involve myself with. In the end, I never end up satisfied. They always come up a little short in the end. But at least most of the Mets still have their hair. Go figure...until April.

Other than that, no comment. I'm sort of devastated but I lived through the '90s. I've been let down before.


Anonymous said...

and just like the men in your life, the mets woke up the following morring and said to them selfs,"wow, how did I fuck up that bad?"

DM2007 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Grow a sac and take some grammar lessons you stupid moron. Morring, them selfs? Idiot. And if these are late night drunk mean postings i think you may need to consider getting a life. You are waste of sperm and egg.

Mjones said...

Fascinating that someone who chooses to remain "anonymous" seems to know so much about me. And the fact that you chose this post to comment on is pretty much a dead giveaway as to your identity.

Because I'm not A) a mean person or B) Drunk at 1 am and writing mean posts to someone I don't really know, I won't respond with nasty remarks. Besides, I did nothing to provoke this attack. What I will say is that your abuse of the English language is horrid. Your comments make you sound like you are a retarded person.

If you would really like to have a conversation about my personal life, please go back to second grade and learn to read.