Saturday, December 23, 2006

I recently logged onto my old profile (which, in my defense, was created during a dry spell on a very rainy Saturday night) just to see who might be out there. I don't pay for the service so I can't really contact people but I find it fascinating how they match you up with people. If they can find my 100% match that would be awesome.

Well it finally happened. And apparently I am destined to fall in love someone we will call Troll McTrollerston. Now, I am aware that I am not Heidi Klum or even any kind of less hot version of any celebrity. I am just me, which, I think and have been told, is attractive by all reasonable standards. Actually, more than most reasonable standards. And this guy is not attractive by ANY resonable standards. If the bearded lady had sex with the Crypt Keeper which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy that led to the child having no parental love making him a sad and ugly human being it would look like this guy.

And that's really ugly. Because trust me, I've made out with some real lookers in my day, like the kind that might scare babies....and this guy, I mean seriously, should institute a "NO TROLLS ALLOWED" policy STAT. So I'm officially done with them, not that I was ever really involved, but really, never logging in again. It's just depressing.

In the meantime, I will think about of what could have been.

(FYI - That isn't me. Pleated flare khaki pants? I would rather eff the troll.)

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