Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I don't want a lot for Christmas...

My realistic Christmas list:

1. Dawson's Creek DVD's
2. New Digital Camera
3. New Clothes
4. Some fancy bath products
5. Gift Certificates
6. A new winter coat
7. My bed to finally get fixed

My unrealistic Christmas List:

1. My very own Lloyd Dobler
2. All of the NYC tourists to leave midtown
3. Bono to write a song about me
4. Bigger boobs
5. John Krasinski, Topher Grace, Zach Braff and Wentworth Miller to all propose to me at the same time. And for polygamy to be legal
6. A book deal
7. A new big girl bed

What I absolutely don't want for Christmas

1. The clap
2. To see Clay Aiken in person
3. To make out with an ugly man
4. Any more colds
5. Anything having to do with Britney Spears cooter
6. TomKat to breed anymore fake robot babies
7. Another broken bed


dmbmeg said...

wentworth miller is gay! didn't you hear? that's making your unrealistic xmas list a little more unrealistic :)

Mjones said...

Those rumors about W. Miller are neither confirmed nor denied. And please, if that dream comes true and I marry all four, I'll need at least one gay to go shopping with. Besides, he'll introduce me to the tasty Dominic Purcell, who as of late has become a hot piece of well, you know.