Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flavor of Jones

Since it seems that the news is now completely dominated by celebrity goss, I am trying something new. Inspired by FLAVOR FLAV! I have decided to bust out a few names of my own for some famous people, so we don't have to go to the trouble of remembering (or for that matter even learning) their real names until we are sure we actually give a shit about them.


From know on, thou shalt be known as Senator Tailcoatz.


Why do I get the feeling these guys will be visiting your local trailer park sometime soon. It's Lyfe Ruiner and Pathetick.


How you doin Plasstick? Tell ya sister Jeenyis I said hey.


Look, it's everyone's favorite fake couple! Know to be known as Beerd and Clozited.


Hide your diet pills and get your barf bags ready for Skynnie and Starvz.


Say hello to my new friend Drugz.


His name may not be on the back of his jersey, but you can call him Wayste of Doh.


He sang about him and dressed like him so I now dub him: Jeezus.


Oh look, it's everyone's favorite child star, Cleeshay.


This one is obvious. Meet Siphiliss.

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