Wednesday, May 24, 2006

See you at the crossroads (crossroads) you won't be lonely.

Folks, I lost my iPod. My little blue pal who has given me my soundtrack since May 17th of last year. I did a post on it as soon as I received it. It was a happy day.

Friday was a happy day too. Because of the excessive amounts of vodka that made me happy. I know what you are thinking, "Jonesy, why do you drink vodka when you know the result will be loss or bodily injury to you and others?" My answer is it makes me forget and it's tast with some club soda. And I have short term memory loss so I usually forget what it does to me. Memory loss probably caused by the vodka.

So my iPod is gone. Either in a taxi of picked up by some ne'er do well on 9th Ave. RIP blue iPod and blue iPod sweater. I still have the headphones (haven't figured that out yet) but the iPod is indeed gone.

I will have a better post after I am finished sitting shiva (and when I've figured out how to work my brand new iPod nano, haha!)

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