Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hellllooooooooooo Pelotas!

According to Google Analytics, I've gotten 11 visits from Pelotas, Brazil recently. It seems Pelotas is on the southern tip of the country, but what would I know since I've never ever been there.

Who are you? Are you one person? Or multiple people? Ha, I kid. I know you are only one person who must be really bored at work and stumbled upon this here stupid/mind-numbing/narcissistic endeavor. I'm just curious.

Besides my fan in Pelotas, I have a teeny tiny following in New York (I'm guessing this consists of Gingervision, B-Girl, Mrs. Krabbypatty and Spanish) and a few folks who end up here and leave after one second. I guess they don't like my cartoon persona. Well excuse you then, because I think cartoon Jonesy is precious. And lovely. Precious and lovely.

Anywho, I am interested in hearing from you, person from Pelotas. Please leave a comment and get in touch!


Anonymous said...

i'm the one second stalker. If i see that you haven't posted, i close the link! xoxo spanish.

BGirl said...

That is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I have various sites that I have on google analytics, and started realizing that I think everybody gets tons of visits from Pelotas, Brazil. I'm trying to generate some follow up on this, out of curiousity. So go to http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Analytics/thread?tid=43fdf955c3f82d5f&hl=en and post something. I'm guessing everybody gets 8-12 visits in one day from Pelotas.