Thursday, January 08, 2009

An Open Letter to Angelina Jolie

Dear Ms. Jolie as you like to be called because you live in sin,

Why is it you always have effing bitch face? You are effing Brad Pitt, have 9000 of his babies and have like the best life ever.

STOP LOOKING SO LES MIS PLEASE. It's rubbing off on Brad and we don't need another Billy Bob on our hands. Maybe people would stop calling you a homewrecker if you started to smile evry so often.

And why do you insist on dressing Shiloh like a boy? Take a note from Katie Holmes (never though I'd say that) and dress her like a girl please. She looks dirty like Kate Hudson's child.

Oh, and eat a morsel of something, I don't care what...just something. You look like a fucking praying mantis you maneater you.




Anonymous said...

How did I find this blog? But I just laughed my ass off at this post. Great!

Mjones said...

Did you catch the impression of her on SNL this week? All bitch face, all the time.