Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Open Letter: To the girlfriend of Perry on Make Me a Supermodel

It's Jonesy Bitch.

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? According the the interwebs, you got caught up with Adnan, yes Britney's nasty BF with the flavor savor soul patch.

Supposedly, on tonight's epi, you will leave Perry a cryptic message and dump him.

WHAT! ADNAN! Do you have brain trauma? Does Adnan have a platinum cock covered in chocolate?

Perry is hot. He is what men should be. Hot, a little gay, and just HOT!

I think you should go hang out with Julia Stiles. Maybe you two want to make a suicide pact?

Fuck you and you're trying to be famous ways.


Anonymous said...

YESSSS thank you so much MJones, ADNAN big deal! Adnan is trying to get famous off of poor Britney and Perrys girlfriend is doing the same with Adnan. She is jealous of Perry becuase he is getting all the attention. TEAM PERRY!!!!!!!!!!!! my husband even thinks perry is hot!!!

Mjones said...


Seriously, what is this girl thinking. Perry is obviously going to win the show and be famous. Why is she hanging out with Adnan??

Thanks for agreeing!


Anonymous said...

i want a platinum cock with covered in chocolate.

Mjones said...


When you get one let me know. -Jones