Thursday, September 08, 2005

They are as clever as foxes.

Wow. Fox has done some serious homework on tv shows that will obviously have me not moving my ass from the couch for the next few months.
First, Prison Break. Any show that shows a really hot guy with a full arm and chest tatoo that's like one of the posters where you are supposed to see sailboats is awesome. Add a scene where he gets his toes clipped off by mafioso and I'm theirs.
Now, onto Reunion. This may be the best new show this year. I don't think it's better than Lost but this is one giant murder mystery and we don't even know who's dead yet! Sex, violence, betrayal, pregnancy, car crashes and parties all in episode one! Every episode a different year leading to the finale which is present time...BRILLIANT! (Although, what about season 2?) Add one part Hailey from the OC and one part JJ from American Dreams and you have a hit with me folks. And let me not neglect Keith from Six feet Under making a return ina new series as what else? A cop. Bring on the next 19 years.
Needless to say, don't call me Wednesday or Thursday nights from now until sweeps.

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