Sunday, November 18, 2007

Great Moment in IM Conversations: 2 Girls, 1 Vomit

Jessy: where did you see it
Jessy: on youtube its all stupid responses to it
Jessy: i cant find the video
Jessy1: helpppppppppp
Jones: i suggest you dont watch it
Jones: it's GROSS
Jessy: what the fuck is wrong with the world
Jessy: im going to puke
Jones: so nasty
Jones: i almost did
Jones: London came running in the room
Jones: thought i was dying
Jessy: did she watch it
Jones: nope
Jessy: dont ever let her
Jones: i wont
Jessy: what did that girls eat
Jessy: her poops was huge and gross
Jessy: she must have had indian
Jones: ur disgusting
Jessy: she needs more fiber in her diet
Jones: I showered after i watched it
Jessy: im taking out the bleach and starting to scrub

**Note: Like London, I met Jessy during study abroad in 2001. His IM name had been changed to Jessy, since the idiots at Mrs. Field's once messed up his name on the cookie cake I sent him for his birthday.**

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